The No Planet B Latino Summit powered by Forbes is a forum that celebrates values of diversity, justice, and collaborative work. We have the privilege to work side-by-side with global leaders who embody these values.


The host committee is comprised of influential personalities who are working on the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 26) in 2021 to amplify the voices of Latinos in the fight against climate change and create a global consensus towards the effective implementation of the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Vanessa Hauc

Vanessa is an Emmy award winning journalist and anchor for Noticias Telemundo. She has been an invaluable source of information for Hispanics in the US, reporting from the field on a variety of issues ranging from social, cultural and political events to environmental disasters. Vanessa was in Puerto Rico for Hurricane Maria and in Haiti for Matthew. Recently, she traveled to Rome to lead a conversation with Pope Francis and children from six countries affected by natural disasters. Her passion for environmental issues inspired her to create “Alerta verde”, a TV segment designed to inform and educate the community about the importance of protecting our planet. Today, Vanessa leads Telemundo Network´s research unit on environmental issues, “Planeta Tierra”.

RosalÍa Arteaga Serrano

Rosalía Arteaga went from being Presidency of Ecuador to an environmental and educational activist. Rosalía Arteaga´s carrier is a testament of the impact that a person can have when dedicating her live to a good cause. She has contributed to the transformation of the education and cultural field in her country. She was in charged of the Amazonian Cooperation Treaty Organization (OTCA), an intergovernmental group based in Brazil, working on preserving and developing the Amazon Basin in a sustainable way. Their mission focused on increasing the capacity for global negotiation between the eight-member countries and further regional cooperation.

Mariano Menéndez

Media and advertising entrepreneur Mariano Menández founded Grupo Vallas in 2000, and is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Mexico, the United States and Latin America. The group is present in 14 countries and is the most important outdoor advertising company in Latin America. Founder and president of, he has led the web magazine to position itself as the most influential lifestyle magazine. He is also president of Robb Report, InStyle, Food&Wine and Forbes, responsible for the distribution and market penetration of these publications in Mexico and Latin America. In 2013, he collaborated with the president of Forbes Media International, Steve Forbes, in the creation of the first Forbes Mexico Forum. Earlier in his career, he was president of the School of Management Sciences at Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE) and president of the Confederation of Private Universities of Argentina. He is also a promoter of the arts in Mexico, being a sponsor of the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Memory and Tolerance.

Sebastián Navarro

Sebastian Navarro is the first Secretary General of the Coalition of Capital Cities of the Americas facing Climate Change (CC35) whose work is to strengthen the climate integration of the thirty-five local governments in the hemisphere through local diplomacy. Among its most relevant actions is the promotion of the sub-national agenda; has promoted the process of the Summit of Mayors against the Climate Crisis in Latin America with the support of the European Union, promoted the Federal Climate Parliament in Argentina as a unique model of replication for the COP24, from the CC35 and together with the R20, organization of former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, have structured the first global climate fund under The new financial architecture will increase financial resources to meet the Paris Accord and in 2020 has been presented with the support of the High Level Climate Champion "Mayors for the Environment". Climate" the most ambitious initiative in the history of the UNFCCC climate negotiations which aims to have more than +15,000 mayors from 20 Latin American countries commit to carbon neutrality by 2050 under binding local climate emergency legislation by the time of the Glasgow Climate Summit (COP26).

Carlos Zegarra

Carlos is a Marine Biologist whose dedication and passion for the environment was recognized with two Northern California Emmy Awards. He is currently working on environmental awareness projects and developing strategies to support community action in the fight against climate change. His interest has always been in Latin America, which led him to found Sachamama, an organization that focuses specifically on environmental awareness in Latin American countries and the Hispanic community in the United States. To date, Sachamama has built a network of over 200 Latino influencers who inform millions about climate issues with over 70 organizational partnerships with the UN, Climate Reality Project, WWF, TNC, NRDC, C40 and Ocean Conservancy, among others.

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